About The Rite of Spring

A Rite boiling of ideas that we will not detail here as it is a treat to discover them
Le Figaro, Ariane Bavelier, September 15, 2021

One thing is certain: Martin Harriague is a real choreographer.
Les Echos, Philippe Noisette, September 14, 2021

… the pagan rite, regulated with great rigor and danced with great energy by the magnificent dancers of the company…, Olivier Brunel, September 14, 2021

That of the brilliant Martin Harriague, a rising star in French and notably Basque choreography, indisputably refers to the origins of a primitive Russia evoked by Nijinsky. (…) the fresco is impressive, the capsizing end (…)
Concertclassic, Jacqueline Tguilleux, September 14, 2021

This Rite of Spring by Martin Harriague (…) is definitely filled with beautiful moments and holds very pretty promises.
The Balletonauts, Cleopold, September 18, 2021



About Fossile

Fossile comes to life through the body of Frida Dam Seidel and becomes a dance piece, which flies away thanks to a solo to die for… The iconoclastic, farcical and burlesque spirit of Harriague finds in Dam Seidel – and in the air by Schubert – a counterpoint that softens its ardor and creates a subtle balance between poetry and playfulness.
Danser canal historique, Thomas Hahn, September 2019

The theater of the Casino in Biarritz was thrilled by this premiere proposed by a talent from the region (…). Harriague manages to make seem easy what was a perilous mission, namely the creation of a duet of 55 minutes. Malandain may well have found his successor as the great choreographer of Biarritz.
Financial Times, Laura Cappelle, September 12, 2019



About Sirènes

Harriague has a personal language, that of a strong dance, with deliberately angular and jerky gestures that use tapping feet, the domino effect, shifts and knows how to give ensembles – he choreographs for 22 dancers – their effectiveness.
Le Figaro Culture, Ariane Bavelier, June 6, 2018

…his sense of global movement, his space-time relationship are astonishing. He talks about the ocean, its wonders (…) He does it with real magic and knows how to superbly stop his dancers on image or launch them into a kind of sabbath., Jacqueline Touilleux, June 11, 2018



About America

Donald Trump: a high-risk subject, never before treated through dance, from which Martin Harriague does better than get away with honors. He surprises and delights with a piece designed from sound fragments of presidential speeches. Martin Harriague keeps the audience spellbound and arouses conflicting emotions. Enthusiastic and well-deserved applause!
Danser canal historique, Isabelle Calabria, May 4, 2019