Four years after Fossile, a work inspired by the ecological emergency and the links between man and his planet, Martin Harriague once again chooses the form of a duet for his next creative endeavor. A step back from his usual mark of social and environmental concerns, Crocodile speaks to relationship and the coming together of two bodies.

Created and performed alongside Emilie Leriche, the duet physically dissects the dialogues that come to pass during an encounter: how these two bodies might agree, punctuate, or question one another. The bodies come closer, avoid each other, follow each other, brush against each other and then -finally- make contact.

Holding each other’s focus and never letting go, in an unpredictable, hypnotic and moving synchronism. A refined and delicate piece oscillating between attraction and repulsion, softness and clash, in which the choreography translates love and its fragility through living bodies in search of harmony.

Production MH Production
2 danseurs

Premiere septembre 2024
Length 60 minutes

Choreography & dramaturgy Martin Harriague in collaboration with Emilie Leriche
Music « Canto Ostinato » de Simeon Ten Holt performed live by l’Ensemble 0
Dancers Emilie Leriche & Martin Harriague
Set Martin Harriague
Lights Peïo Lamarque & Martin Harriague
Costumes Vanessa Ohl
Dramaturgy assistant Arika Yamada

Production Scène 55 Mougins, Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain, CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Temps d’aimer la Danse, MH Production
Partners Espaces Pluriels Pau, Festival Cadences Arcachon