How the body works the dark

In 1819, the German romantic author E.T.A Hoffmann proposes to rewrite in his short story The Mines of Falun, an incident produced in a Swedish copper mine. Hoffmann accentuates the threatening aspect of the mine as a dangerous and mysterious place, while forcing the line between reality, dream, fantasy and melancholy. It is in this spirit that Martin Harriague’s choreography How The Body Works The Dark is situated: it is not the literal restitution that interests him choreographically speaking but the metaphysical dimension, the domain of the unknown and death. For this creation for the Chemnitz Ballet, Martin Harriague collaborated with the American poet Derrick C. Brown, with whom he has already created If you were God (Leipzig Ballet – March 2019).

for the Chemnitz Ballett, Germany – 6 dancers

Date October 2022
Length 35 minutes

Choreography & scenography Martin Harriague
Music Frederic Chopin, Nils Frahm, Patxi Amulet, Ólafur Arnalds, Alice Sara Ott
Texts & voice Derrick C. Brown
Lights Martin Harriague
Set design Martin Harriague & Hans Winkler
Costumes Martin Harriague

Production Chemnitz Ballett (direction : Sabrina Sadowzka)