More than a ballet, it is a performance in the form of a reflection on lockdowns. To signify caging, Martin Harriague has chosen a garden greenhouse where an apparently inert naked man is visited by a person encased in a white spacesuit, similar to caregivers protecting themselves from head to toe from viruses… The universe is disembodied, populated by aggressive sounds until the intrusion of a living being: a mosquito…

Isolation and transparency

The greenhouse Serre, this universe under a bell, insulating and transparent, cuts from the outside but warms the seeds, allows them to grow… It finally allowed the rebirth of Nature and tender relations between humans.

for 2 dancers

Date September 2020
Length 20 minutes

Choreography & scenography Martin Harriague
Music Bach, Alva Noto, Martin Harriague
Lights Martin Harriague & Christian Grossard
Costumes Martin Harriague
Set maker Frédéric Vadé

Production Malandain Ballet Biarritz & Festival Temps d’aimer Biarritz