Martin Harriague has made Molière’s words his own: to revive a sick world “for lack of knowing how to dance”, he imagines a future where men are not only dancing, but sensitive and attentive, alongside a female figure who embodies past sufferings as well as future hopes. More than a story, Alive offers here a sensitive dive into a futuristic universe, whose scenography and soundtrack are inspired by science fiction movies. Conceived during COVID, its creation is driven by the urgency of living and, more than ever, that of dancing.

for 2 dancers

Date September 2020
Length 30 minutes

Choreography & scenography Martin Harriague
Music Ben Salisbury et Geoff Barrow, Chromatics, Bon Iver, J. S. Bach, Jules Massenet
Lights Martin Harriague & Mikel Perez
Costumes Martin Harriague
Set & prop makers Frédéric Vadé & Dominique Harriague
Choreographer assistant Françoise Dubuc

Production Malandain Ballet Biarritz & Festival Temps d’aimer Biarritz